Comprehensive, integrated features

From the start, we built user-friendly features based on our experience running a busy dog daycare and boarding facility. We continue to release new features based on the feedback & needs of over 3,000 kennel techs and business owners using Gingr.

Gingr is a streamlined all-in-one solution. No 'modules' to navigate. It's all integrated.


Pet and client management

Easily find client and pet information and improve customer service with streamlined tracking of information.

  • Customize your registration forms and pet forms
  • Pet and client photos for easy identification
  • Easily find animal/owners with predictive search fields
  • Automatic warnings for expired vaccinations, unsigned forms, incidents, allergies, and medical alerts
  • Automatic reminders sent to customers for reservations and vaccination expirations
  • Customizable (icon+color+name) animal tags/icons
  • Upload unlimited files to customer accounts
  • Receive faxes & emails (with attachments) directly into Gingr**
  • Barcode key-tags for clients
  • Incident reports
  • Temperament designations
  • Send faxes**
  • Log phone calls




Online Booking

Less phone tag, less paperwork. Many of our customers achieve over 90% online booking, saving them hours of staff time each day.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.31.17 PM.png
  • Mobile-friendly online customer 'portal' for account set-up and reservation/appointment requests
  • Easily link from your website
  • Manage reservation requests for multiple locations
  • Brand your portal with your logo, contact information, etc.
  • Electronically signed agreements stored in client profile
  • Customers can update pet information easily.
  • Customers can upload vet records
  • Customers can view photos and videos of their pets
  • Customers request reservations/appointments
  • Confirm reservations with auto-generated emails and SMS*
  • Auto-wait list when you are already at capacity
  • Customers can pre-pay deposits.







Reservation Management

Streamline and never lose track of reservations, capacity limits. Speed up check-in and check-out procedures to improve customer service and reduce staff time and costs.

  • Manage capacity by reservation type, overall facility capacity and special dates
  • Recurring and multiple reservation scheduling
  • Wait list management
  • Auto-reminders sent to customers before reservation start-date
  • Easy 1-click check-In, 1-click check-out (with package credit)
  • Auto-alert if expired vaccinations at check-in
  • Quick check-In multiple pets from multiple owners, and for walk-in customers
  • Optional check-in questions to prompt your staff to check the details
  • Auto-print run-cards



point of sale

  • Automate pricing rules for multiple pets, late check-outs and peak holiday rates (and many more)
  • Customize your coupon system
  • Flexible pre-paid packages/punch-cards (with expiration)
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Integrated credit card payments for fast processing
  • Recurring package subscriptions
  • Save customer credit card info securely encrypted
  • Electronic signature capture for credit card
  • Self-tip capture
  • Financial reports
  • Automatically emailed receipts
  • Integrate with printer-cash drawer combination


Lodging Calendar

  • Easily change reservations right from the calendar with drag-and-drop functions
  • Easily manage lodging transfers/split reservations across multiple runs, even manage multiple pricing across runs
  • Same-day lodging management for pets leaving and checking in





facility  / apppointment Calendar

  • Manage appointments for groomers and trainers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Drag and drop appointments to reschedule, or re-assign to another specialist
  • Schedule appointments right from the calendar
  • Open appointments to view details, mark as complete.



marketing & Engagement

  • Integrated marketing features
  • Easily send marketing emails to sortable groups of customers (expired vaccinations, no recent reservations, etc)
  • Create and send photo, video, and text Report Cards via email and SMS*
  • Open/Click/Bounce rate analytics on all emails
  • Branded customer-facing site for customer account management
  • Automatic customer vaccination reminder email
  • Customizable and robust post check-out surveys
  • Multi-location marketing functions
  • Track efficacy of ad campaigns w/ custom phone numbers**


Employee Management

  • Employee time-clock
  • Employee notification system
    • email, text (SMS*), push to device and in-browser
  • Comprehensive user permission management
  • Employee to-do lists
  • Daily checklist
  • Commission reports






  • Feeding, Medication & Weight reports (both in-app and printable)
  • Weekly stats email for owners
  • Financial reporting for easy entries into accounting software
  • Print or export to excel





Integrate with other software

  • Read-only API access to integrate with other apps
  • Web-hook support, so other apps receive real-time data
  • Can be integrated with Zapier, IFTTT, Broadly





  • Access all your data on-the-go, from any internet connected device.
  • Automate push-notifications to your mobile device.

















*Included in USA & Canada only. Other countries may incur additional fees.
** USA & Canada Only. An additional charge of $50/year will apply so you have a dedicated phone number for faxes.