You're managing a pet-care business, but you still have a lot of book-keeping to do, you have to staff extra personnel at busy times, you get errors, and you may be missing out on income.

Receiving payments from your customers is perhaps the most important part of your business - it's when you get PAID! Collecting and tracking payments is critical to your success, yet takes up valuable time.

Want to know how to make this part of your pet-care business easier?

In this situation, there are two questions you need to ask:

1. What possibly can make collecting and tracking customer-payments easier?

2. What does the solution cost?


THE ANSWER TO Q#1: run your credit card transactions right through Gingr.

  1. faster check-outs, reducing staffing needs

  2. every payment is linked directly to the customer, pet and invoice, reducing bookkeeping time

  3. zero transaction-amount errors - reduces bookkeeping time

  4. online customer-payment options - reduces both staff and accounting time, increases cash-flow

  5. automated payments - reduces both staff and accounting time, increases cash-flow.


THE ANSWER TO Q#2: it will cost you (0) zero dollars.

  1. we pay for your card-reader devices

  2. we pay any cancellation fees

  3. we beat your rates

  4. we provide free training

  5. no long-term contract


Is that enough to make you think, ‘hmmm, I could be saving money and making more money AND providing better service’….?

There is a better way! You can start HERE

or contact for additional questions.

*Time is limited! Free devices and cancellation fee offer will expire!