Pet care businesses may benefit from artists' collaboration

We've posted information about pet-art here previously.  Among the many pet-care services growing today, pet-art and specifically custom dog-art and portraits are in growing demand. Many pet lovers and owners tend to be art lovers as well. Who doesn't want a custom portrait of their 'fur-baby' on the wall or on a coffee mug?

Check out this recent article in the Denver Post about Denver-area artist's booming businesses doing dog-related art:

Pet art can be on on print, canvas and other mediums, and provides an opportunity for you to build your business' branding and income.

Dog daycares, boarding kennels and grooming services can find cooperative business opportunities with local (or global) artists. Perhaps there's an opportunity for you to help build your pet-care business:

1. Consider 'hosting' pet-art in your business and collect a commission on the sale of any art. Consider working with an artist (local or otherwise) to promote custom and other art.

2. Team up with a local artist to do onsite portraits of your customer's pets. Collect either rent or a per-piece commission.

3. Hire an artist to develop custom art for your facility and for resale.


Additionally, you might consider some of these artists' work to adorn your business' walls. Find an artist online that produces work that is similar to the branding and styles that you and your customers will resonate with.

For art's sake....