Introducing 2-Way Texting

We're excited to announce the introduction of a highly requested feature in Gingr–2 way texting! 

Now your customers can reply to text messages sent from Gingr and you can respond with a custom SMS. Select any customer at any time to send them a custom text message. Incoming texts are visible from anywhere in the app, and you can type up a custom response to send immediately. Customer communications have never been more efficient!

We plan on making this feature available to all customers (in the US and Canada) on July 18, 2018. 

A handful of beta testers will start using the feature on June 25, 2018. (Thanks to all who volunteered! We've never gotten so many volunteers for beta testing so quickly!)

Aussies & Kiwis: If you're interested, it is possible to use this feature however pricing is much more expensive for texts within your home countries. Just as a guide, AU would be ~$0.07 per SMS and NZ would be ~$0.15 per SMS.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 4.51.03 PM.png


  • Receive SMS from your customers
  • Custom replies to SMS
  • Send SMS to any phone number you'd like
  • User notification when incoming SMS is delivered
  • User permission for who is allowed to send custom SMS
  • Get your own phone number for Gingr in your area code
  • Dedicated SMS log


  • $50/location/year (if you already have a custom phone number for texts in Gingr, then you won't be charged again)
  • $0.02/SMS received
  • $0.00/SMS sent