Financial Project Underway

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with a development firm to complete our financial project, which will include development for all of the most popular financially related feature requests we’ve received over the past few years.

As we work concurrently toward the release of other innovative features, this project, already underway, will deliver features like invoices, split-payments, online payments, gift cards, improved reporting, and streamlined QuickBooks Online integration.

Overall, this project represents the biggest and, for many, the most positively impactful change ever made to the Gingr application.

In order to ensure feature quality and the integrity of your past records, the project will be executed in three phases, which are roughly outlined below.

Phase 1 (delivery expected early Q3):

  • Move from a receipt-based model to an invoicing model
    • Simplifies revenue reporting, eliminating hard to identify owner balances
  • Collect multiple payments on a single invoice
    • Easily split payments on invoices between payment methods
  • Replace owner account balances with store credit (and unpaid invoices)
    • This helps simplify revenue reporting

Phase 2 (delivery expected late Q3):

  • Account codes assignable to reservation types and services
    • Allows you to group reservation and service types together on the revenue report, to view totals for each of your revenue streams (i.e. Boarding revenue vs. Daycare revenue)
  • QuickBooks Integration
    • Automatically sync transaction data with QuickBooks Online in real-time

Phase 3 (delivery expected mid Q4):

  • Gift Cards
    • Sell physical gift cards from your facility
  • Loyalty Program
    • Offer a point based rewards program to your customers

As always, we intend for new features to have little to no impact on how you currently use the application, excepting however you choose to implement the new features. If you don’t need these features, you will be able to carry on using the application as you do today.

Please be assured that, if you have submitted related feature requests, in any form, they have been considered and will likely influence the final iterations of the new features. Please feel free to continue submitting feature requests to our Support team, and they will be considered as we move forward in this project.

We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding, and loyalty as we have diligently worked to get all of our ducks in a row to once again deliver industry-leading functionality.

We are very excited to be underway with this project. Further updates will be forthcoming as we near the completion of each phase.

All the best,

The Gingr Team