New Pet-care Software Features Release!

We continue to make Gingr the most modern and feature-rich pet-care software, serving boarding, doggie daycare and grooming pet-care businesses of all sizes. We’ve hired more developers this year (all U.S.A.-based), and the results are showing! Gingr continues to lead in online pet bookings, operations management and point-of-sale for pet-care businesses.

On the heals of major features released in September 29, 2018, our feature release on Dec 1, 2018 is perhaps one of our biggest releases, hitting many important aspects and feedback from our customers. This includes meaningful user-interface upgrades, mobile card-processing features, online retail-functions, and an Employee Scheduling add-on module.

Here are some highlights:

Re-designed the Owners and Pet Details Page - we’ve re-built the owner, animal, & reservation details pages from scratch! This new interface provides powerful customization. For example, you can create a “groomer”, “receptionist” and “owner” view which will allow you to bring relevant information to the forefront for that type of employee’s work.

Re-designed View All Owners, Animals & Reservation Pages - We’ve re-built these pages as well as created a new View All Reservations page. These pages are more powerful than ever before — allowing you to filter down all of your data to find exactly what you’re looking, including custom-fields.

Re-designed Specialist (groomer, bather, trainer, driver…) Scheduling - Based on feedback that we’ve received over the years, we’ve re-designed the Specialist scheduler to make it super easy to manage complex specialist schedules.

  • The specialist scheduler is now in a calendar format (similar to the lodging calendar),

    which makes it much easier to see your specialists’ availability at a glance.

  • You can manage multiple service specialties at once (goodbye having to edit each service schedule individually!)

  • You can drag-n-drop schedules around the page.

  • You can more easily configure complex recurring schedules.

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WOW! and there’s MORE!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.13.59 PM.png

Pet-Care Staff SCHEDULER - Say goodbye to paper-calendars, google-docs and 3rd-party apps like ‘When To Work’. Gingr now has a fully integrated staff scheduling module. This can be added to any Gingr subscription-tier.

  • You can create recurring schedules for employees.

  • You can assign an employee’s shift to a “team”—this allows you to create teams like “Reception”, “Yard” and “Cleaning” and view your weekly schedule based on how you want to categorize your schedule.

  • Once a weekly schedule has been “published”, an email/sms will be sent to all employees with shifts for that week containing their schedule info.

  • Employees have their own page in Gingr where they can see their weekly schedule.

Online Customer-Portal Purchasing - we’ve added two new online purchase functions:

  • Customers can purchase retail items online for in-store pickup.

  • Customers can purchase recurring package-subscriptions and memberships.

Mobile-payments - available with our integrated card-processing, we now have a wireless hand-held mobile device to collect card swipes/dips! Our customers who are doing ‘curbside’ service are loving it! Learn more HERE

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But wait, there’s mooooooore:

Waitlist Function Upgrades - We have improved the functionality of the waitlist to allow you to better understand where your waitlisted reservations stand and if you have capacity to accept them.

New Location-Owner Rates - We’ve improved the way that Gingr handles location and owner rates to make it easier to change your prices.

Re-designed Hours of Operation Administration Page - you can now manage your hours of operation easily and without worrying about messing anything up.

Lodging Manager updates - We have improved the interface of the lodging manager page to allow you to more easily add, remove, and edit lodgings and areas from the Admin page. Now, you can bulk create lodgings and assign them to specific reservation types with ease!

Custom Icons Upgrade - We’ve upgraded Gingr to use FontAwesome Version 5. This brings almost 1,000 brand new icons that can be used in Gingr! To enable these pro/paid icons, you can purchase a license directly from Font Awesome ( for $60/year.

Full Search on Mobile - To enhance your experience in Gingr when using a mobile device, search on mobile has been changed to auto-populate results when searching for owners and pets (rather than having to click search to view your results). This will give you a more streamlined Desktop-to-Mobile experience.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Time Clock - We have improved the time clock functionality to allow for image captures when clocking in and out on mobile devices. We have also increased performance so that you can clock in and out more quickly than before and know exactly where you’re at in the process.

New Pricing Rule - We’ve added an Animal Species pricing rule type to help you make even more complex pricing strategies for your business. Another example of Gingr’s capacities in customizing complex pricing!

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