An exciting announcement from Gingr! 😃 🎉

Dearest Gingr Customers,

We have a very exciting announcement, as well as some needed reassurances to come along with it. 

On August 31, Gingr was acquired by Togetherwork, the emerging leader in Group Management Software and Payments. This acquisition provides Gingr the resources we need to continue growing as a business and improving our product and service.

We know that past acquisitions of pet services software companies have been very disappointing events in our industry, as product development stopped and support quality declined. We are very sensitive to this and want to be entirely clear that nothing is changing at Gingr, except for us being a better resourced company.

The entire Gingr team, including Lee and Aaron (the original co-founders), is staying intact, including support, development, and on-boarding staff. We have big plans for the coming years and, as always,  customer satisfaction is at the fore of our intentions.

Over the next few months, we will hire multiple additional developers as well as additional sales and on-boarding support personnel. This will allow Gingr to accelerate its growth and bring exciting new features to the Gingr platform.

So please, join us in celebrating this exciting milestone and rest assured that we're going to be the same company as we've always been, only better!

Thank you for your loyal support. We're here to answer any questions you may have, and are always here to support you. For questions about the acquisition, please feel free to reach out to your account manager at

All the best,

Lee, Aaron, and the whole Gingr team