When Risk Happens - What You Miss By Not Updating Your Software

I just had a call from (we'll call her 'Jill'), who provides technical computer support to a dog boarding facility that's been in business for a couple decades.

She was concerned, and rightly so.  While the business adopted an early kennel software program in the 1990s, they were now at risk by using old technology. A lot can happen with software technology in a year, much less over a decade and a half. If the software developers are not constantly innovating, the software will become out-dated. If the software relies on old-technology, it's missing out on new opportunities, and may even 'crash' and fail if dependent on out-dated hardware and operating systems.

This is like using a cassette tape today, when you could be streaming online audio or downloading your favorite music.

For years and years, Jill has maintained a bunch of hardware to support the desk-top software on a central 'server' and connected computers.

Ultimately, this is an unsustainable system - bound ot fail.

In fact, I've gotten many a calls "can you help us convert today, our system just crashed".  That's not a great position to be in, as 50 pets are coming in your door....


This is one of the benefits of using cloud-based software - you essentially 'out-source' all the technical aspects of back-ups and networks. The internet and your wifi is your network. The software company provides you with a back-up system (though not all are created equal, so be sure to learn about how your data is backed up).

Using the Best available technology

The next point, and as significant, is that a modern software company like Gingr stays on top of the most advanced software coding technology.  Gingr's development team surrounds itself with the best information and innovation in business software development.  20 years ago, we would never have conceived of software like Gingr, and we can't always conceive of what solutions developers in and out of the pet care industry will come up with next.

We are always developing new software technology. Gingr's development team released 86 new features to date this year alone (as of July 26, 2017). Some of these are features we may never have thought of, and some of these are based on the feedback of our customers' needs.

When you are among pet care 'giants'

My final point: a modern software company is engaged with their customers and responds to their needs.  We have recorded over 1,000 feature requests. These are made by some of the pet care boarding and kennel industry's 'giants'. Some of the best dog kennel and dog daycare business operators in the country are giving us a 'piece of their mind' about how we could be making our software even better. We listen, and many of those 100s of new releases every year are a direct result.

Indeed, with Gingr's customers, you are among giants. We'll always be pushed to make it better and better.


So, let's all keep pushing the envelope in embracing new technology to make our businesses better and better.


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To your success - Andy