How to get positive online reviews for your pet care business

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Online reviews can be a deciding factor in whether a new customer comes to you or not.

Your prospective customers are checking on Yelp, Google and Facebook to see what your current customers are saying about you.

You don't have to leave this to the winds of opinion.  Why let random negative reviews define your reputation? You can manage your online reputation. It's your business, so why not stack the comments in your favor?

There are many ways to solicit and manage positive online reviews. You can do this yourself by asking folks to write a review for you, or hire a service to help you. Our mantra at Gingr: 'automate whenever possible'.


Automating check-out surveys

The first approach to automating feedback is to generate surveys that send to your customers after they have used your services.

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Gingr will enable you to customize surveys, and you can then decide what reservation-types you want surveyed, and the frequency the survey goes out to the customer.

Run your Survey Report to see how your customers are responding. From there, you might address any negative feedback with the customer and your staff.

To generate an online review, you can then ask those who have given you positive feedback to review your business on Yelp, FB or another review-site.  This can work, but requires work on your part to reach out to customers, and creates additional work for the customer.



The next level: automating positive online reviews

Fortunately, there are services that will entirely automate the above process for you. One of these is Broadly. Gingr is integrated with Broadly, so you can easily get ongoing positive reviews from your customers.

Broadly will help your business: 

  1. Generate Reviews: directly on Google, Yelp, Facebook & your website - easily, and dramatically.

  2. Keep Negative Feedback Offline: address feedback privately

  3. Get Found Online: enhance your business's local online presence

  4. Win More Business: follow up with existing customers & win new ones with your amazing reviews. Read the case study of pet care services.

  5. Do Everything Automatically: integrates with Gingr, so you can get great results without lifting a finger.

Check out this case-study of a pet-care service who started using Broadly in 2016:

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See how this works in this video:

Get a free demo with Broadly here:

Gingr customers get a discounted rate on the Broadly subscription, so be sure to use that link when you inquire!

Best, Andy