Take A Break? I'm too busy!

It's summer, a busy time for pet-boarding businesses, so it is especially encouraging when I hear a dog kennel or daycare business owner say "I'm going on vacation". That's a good sign - usually that they at least have good staff on hand to manage the operation while the owner is getting some time off.

A business owner that gets out of 'managing' the business and more into 'building' the business (and taking breaks) is on the path to a sustainable business. (Read days off, vacations, time focused on marketing, retirement, even exit-strategy).

Good hiring of staff is part of this, as are other operational improvements that streamline work-flow and make it easier to train those staff to be successful in providing great service. They'll then be happy, productive and loyal, and your headaches will go down.

I remember the feeling of my first day off after starting my business. It was largely due to the trust I had in a particular employee. (Ahhhh, I was making money and had a day off!)

Back to the point: To get that break (and focus on building your business) you've got to set up operational systems that make YOU less busy in the day-to-day managing of your business, and make it easier to train your staff to do the things you need done independently. Setting up processes (and automating whenever possible) that make the task seamless and streamlined will improve employee success and happiness. Your customers will notice, and they'll be happy too.

I suppose that's why I love my role as sales director for Gingr. I am helping business owners and their team manage a productive dog boarding or daycare business. I am helping them be more efficient so they can focus on what's most important: taking care of their customers.

By helping dog boarding business owners reduce inbound phone calls, automate reminders to pet owners, automate pricing rules to capture the right amount of income from each sale, Gingr just might get a few more business owners on a day off or a summer vacation now and then.

Myself, I'm taking a river-trip with my family in a few weeks!

What's keeping you from a day off or a vacation? Let me know. Send me a note to andy@gingrapp.com and let's see if we can figure out a solution to get you on the beach, on the river, or whatever 'recharges' you.

So, empower your staff, set-up great operational systems, and take a break. You deserve it!

- Andy