New Feature Release

We're getting ready to release some (awesome) new features to the app, and we'd like to give everyone a preview of what's to come!

Customizable Registration Form

The new customer registration form is now 100% customizable! You can track any data point you'd like and it will be saved forever. We even provide you a point-in-time view of every change that happens to a record.

You can add and remove fields at will, even drag-and-drop to re order.

You can add and remove fields at will, even drag-and-drop to re order.

You can decide which fields are required for employees or customers and choose where to display information in the app.

Email Not Required & Multiple Addresses

The email address field is no longer required by the system, though you can choose to make it required. You can even add multiple email addresses to your client records and Gingr will CC them on all system emails!

Printable & Customizable Feeding, Medication & Weight Reports

We've re-vamped our feeding and medication reports (and added a weight report). These reports are now more customizable than ever, mobile device friendly and even printable. Our weight report is even integrated with USB scales, wirelessly.

The feeding/medication report now allows you to customize every dropdown and field that it uses.

The new weight report keeps track of pet's weights over time.


Other Goodies

  • Gingr now has a link from the customer portal back to your website
  • Automatically charge for feeding / medication for specific types only
  • New run card (preview almost ready!)

We'll be releasing these features to everyone on Friday, March 4, 2016. However, these feature are currently available in our demo app ( If you don't have an account there, email us at!


Lee & the Gingr Team!

PS - Our next project is all about e-commerce! Invoicing, ordering, prepayments all online. Coming soon!

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