New Grooming Features!

On Friday night, 11/4/2016 we will be releasing some awesome new features to Gingr.

Grooming Revamp

We've completely revamped Gingr's grooming functionality to provide the most flexible and robust grooming features in the industry. Specifically, we are introducing 2 new ways to schedule your groomers:

  • "Slots" are a flexible way of setting a groomer’s capacity and booking grooming appointments according to how much work they require. The slots system is used instead of booking appointments at specific times with specific durations. 
  • If you would still like your appointments to be at a specific time with a specific duration, you can now set a capacity on that specialist time block. I.e. Melissa can do 2 grooms at 8am, 3 at 11 am, etc.
  • The new Facility Calendar allows you to view groomer availability and book directly from the calendar, and shows you the breed of pets who are already booked.
  • The new New Appointment page puts grooming notes and appointment history right at your fingertips. You can also set the price at the time of booking, along with adjusting the duration of the appointment or the number of slots required.

Click here to learn more about slots.

New Incident Reports

Gingr's incident reports now use our custom form builder. You can now totally customize questions asked on incident reports and create incident reports that include multiple pets.

Speech to Text

Gingr's rich text editors and employee notes tool now allow you to speak directly to the computer and Gingr will convert it to text in real time. Currently, this is available only with Google Chrome.