Exciting New Releases!

What a busy year it has been so far! We're only 2 months into 2015, and we've already released 12 awesome new features!

Here's some highlights:

Daily Notices

Daily notice is a new section on our dashboard! You can create, tag people and comment on event notices right from the dashboard! It will only show notes dated for today (you can create a note on Monday to appear on Wednesday), or if you "pin" them to the dashboard. You can mark them as read. Best of all? Everything hooks into our notification system, and can be sent right to your cell phone.

Group Classes

A great new feature catering towards group training classes! This is perfect for a pre-scheduled set of training classes, where more than one dog will attend.

Returns (Including Credit Cards!)

You can now process refunds/returns through Gingr. Choose whether to return the item to inventory, where to refund the money to, as well as a customizable refund reason.

FAST Barcode Scanning

We've upgraded our barcode scanning capabilities for retail items. Scan up to 5 per second!

Receipt / Cash Drawer Integration

Gingr now supports most receipt printers and cash drawers.

PetDetect Integration

We're now fully integrated with PetDetect! Choose between 6", 12", 18", 24" and 30" label. The labels are 100% customizable, per reservation type. We'll even automatically print labels at check in (you pick which types of reservations).

Weather Widget

Our dashboard will now show you the current temperature, conditions, and the low and high for the day. Celsius or Fahrenheit ... your pick :).

New Group Permissions

User access is becoming more finely tuned every day. We've added a few new group permissions to control which users get access to which data.

New Reports

We've built 6 new reports this year, and have many, many more coming!

Report Card Enhancements

We worked on simplifying the report card creation process, including uploading of photos/videos. We're happy to announce that it's easier than ever to create a photo report card for 100 dogs.

New Shopping Cart

Our nifty shopping cart was re-written from scratch to provide a superb user experience. No page loads, no lag, just click and go.


You can now customize how you like your dates formatted in Gingr. You can customize how you like your telephone numbers formatted. You can even customize the money sign to use!

Employee Notes

We added a mini-icon to the dashboard to list Employee Notes. These are private notes for employee's eyes only. Can your customers see your screen in the lobby? We built a system preference to toggle it on/off.

That's it?!?!

Don't worry, we're busy working on a whole bunch of amazing, new, user-friendly features. Our next release is due on March 15. Stay tuned to see what we'll think of next!



Lee Salminen