6 New Features!

Gingr has done it again. We've released 6 new features this week.

  1. Check-in via barcode - Gingr now supports barcodes for animal check-ins. From anywhere in the app, click into the search bar and scan a barcode. If that animal has a reservation, they will be checked in. If they don't, they'll be "quick" checked into Daycare. Have lots of dogs in the lobby? Just keep scanning, we can process 5/second.
  2. Check-in questions - You can now customize reservation types to ask "Check In Questions". You can set up to 3 customizable questions to ask at check-in. These questions can be different for each type of reservation. In addition to the 3 customizable questions, feeding and medication questions are included. The answers to these questions are readily accessible inside the app.
  3. List View for Retail Items - The grid view is cumbersome when you have lots of retail items. So, we've built the list view. It's a sortable, filterable table to help find what you need
  4. Board Siblings Together - There is a new system preference that will allow you to automatically board siblings in the same run.
  5. Charge By The Hour - You can now customize individual reservation types to charge per hour instead of per day.
  6. Accept Tips - Gingr now accepts tips. When a customer checks out, unique links are included to quickly give a pre-defined tip amount. If the customer has a CC on file, the card will be automatically charged. If not, the customer will be presented with a form to enter their CC details. Of course, we provide a report so you can pull just tip data. We've just started with this intriguing problem. If you have insight into how we can improve it, give us a call!
  7. New permissions, helpful tooltips, more reports and an enhancement of the calendar view also went into production this week.

Keep it coming! We love building the best product on the market.

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