We're Growing!

It’s an exciting time! Over the past month, primarily due to word of mouth, interest in Gingr has multiplied, along with its user-base! We’re very grateful!  Due to this blessing, we’re also experiencing the glory of growing pains.

In the interest of everybody involved, we’re making some big changes.  To be transparent, as we always intend to be:

  • Aaron, a cofounder of Gingr, is leaving his day job at the doggy daycare to focus on Gingr full time.  Aaron will be heading up support, sales, and as always continually obsessing over Gingr’s user interface.  With 16 years in the pet services industry under his belt, Aaron is thrilled for the opportunity to support other facilities and owners in increasing their efficiency, ease of operation, and quality of care.
  • Due to this change, Lee will be freed up to focus on crafting the truly beautiful features we’ll be rolling out progressively over the next few months, including full grooming and training capabilities, automated pricing rules, kennel maps, QuickBooks integration, and some other things we think you’ll be very happy about. 
  • We have begun our search for additional support staff. We anticipate bringing someone on board in January.

To help us organize, we've launched a few new things:

  • sales@gingrapp.com - If you have questions about our product, want to chat or are ready to buy, email us here.
  • support@gingrapp.com - We've launched an official support email address. You can email directly or use the Help! page from inside the Gingr application.
  • In-App Live Chat - We've added a live chat feature in-app. We will be ramping up the number of hours online per day from now until January.
  • User forums / knowledge base - We've begun the process of creating a community based knowledge area and user forum. Gingr customers will be able to ask questions, answer, and get help from the Gingr team. Feel free to check it out, the URL is: https://gingr.freshdesk.com/support/home

Because we are a company that builds its product through intimate involvement with its customers,  we want to give our users more opportunities to collaborate with us and each other.  You are welcome to jump in any time to tell us exactly what you want you want from Gingr.  We’re listening.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions you have, but please understand we may be slow to respond over the next couple weeks as we are currently in the process of upscaling our business to support you.

Gingr thanks you SO MUCH for your interest and support!