Listen to your audience - 9 New Features

Gingr attended the 2014 IBPSA Conference in Denver

It was a pleasure attending the IBPSA Conference this week. We found it to be quite informative. After a little bit of rest, we got back to work compiling all of our conversations with attendees this week and coming up with some awesome new features to help better meet your needs.

Since Wednesday, we have released 9 new features.

Being a young, small company allows us to be agile and responsive to our customers' needs.  We believe in working with the industry to create the best possible platform for the industry.  Crazy, isn't it!?

  1. Customer and Animal Notes - There is a new feature on the Customer and Animal pages that allows you to quickly jot down notes on a particular customer/animal. It’s great for basic CRM. These notes are for employees eyes only and not shown to customers.

  2. Marketing Tool Enhancements - Conference attendees expressed a lot of interest in our marketing tool, so we decided to kick it up a notch. You can now build a list of recipients from anywhere (reports, pages, etc…) in Gingr. When you’re ready to send, review your list, create your message and you have the option to send via Email AND/OR Text Message.

  3. Live Search - Some conference attendees voiced concerns about being able to efficiently use Gingr when they have 200+ dogs checked in. So, we’ve added live searching to many frequently used tables in Gingr. Simply type what you’re looking for into Gingr and we’ll filter what’s on the page, making lots of items more manageable.

  4. Feeding & Medication Reports - Many of you voiced concerns about the lack of proper feeding & medication reports in Gingr. So, we went and built them right. Customize and set feeding/medication schedules to your pets. Then, after checking in, you’ll see a nifty, live-updating table to mark off when meals/medication were prepped, given, and completed. You can even leave custom notes! Lots of dogs? No problem! We built a report allowing you to update every report at once. Prefer paper? We’ve got your back! These report tables are included on the printable run cards.

  5. Require Previous Reservations Online - There is a new system preference that (when enabled) will require a customer to have had a completed reservation before being able to reserve online.

  6. Company Files Cloud - Gingr lives in the cloud, so why don’t your frequently used documents? Employees can now upload and access company files from anywhere, anytime.

  7. Webcam Integration For Customers - Everyone has webcams of their kennel on their website. But what if you want to make those webcams visible to only your customers? Now you can with Gingr! Almost any  Internet Webcam can be integrated with Gingr so that only your customers can spy on you.

  8. Logout All Sessions - Worried that someone is logged into Gingr that shouldn’t be? Now admins can log everyone out of Gingr with one click.

  9. Dashboard (Homepage) Renovations - We’ve done some work on the dashboard this week optimizing it for mobile use. We’ve also added nifty new icons underneath animals names (tooltips included, so you know what they mean) to indicate expired vaccination records, previous incidents, late checkout.

  10. More next week - And if that wasn’t enough, we still have 2 more features planned for release next week, so stay tuned!