About the app

For about $4 a day, Gingr makes managing your business a whole lot easier.

Save time & improve customer service - and enable your business to grow.

Gingr is a cloud-based app. Login in from a computer or your smartphone. Multiple users can be logged in at any time.

Gingr integrates your reservations, calendars, pet & client information, feeding & medication tracking, POS transactions and credit card payment processing. The app also integrates customer-engagement with automated email/text reminders & CRM-marketing emails.

Gingr helps manage your employees, with a built-in time-clock, groomer & trainer calendars, commission reports, daily checklists, individual to-do lists and numerous user-permission & notification settings.


Who uses Gingr?:  Successful dog daycare, boarding, training and grooming businesses. See more:


Secure & Reliable

Gingr's uptime is remarkable and our cloud encryption is industry-leading. Fear not the hard-drive crash. We've got you covered.

  • Live, hot & cold backups. Your data is safe & sound
  • Saves credit cards for one-click use without storing actual card numbers
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the application, firewall, and database security

Customizable & Flexible

Gingr is adaptable to your needs and we're always listening for more ways we can help solve your problems. We provide new features regularly, at no extra charge.

  • Easily set up your registration form, price plans, packages, coupons, and reservation types however best suits your business
  • Customize your email and text message templates
  • Customize registration forms and agreements

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