Gingr's Story

Gingr was conceived in 2013 when Lee Salminen, a software engineer and consultant (and regular DDC customer), recognized the pain kennel and daycare owners experienced with existing software solutions, and that it could all be so much easier...

A partnership to alleviate this pain was formed when Lee linked up with local doggy daycare manager, entrepreneur, and obsessive product developer, Aaron Nichols.

Through a strange twist of fate, Mark Tracy, a Boulder-based merchant service provider was introduced to Lee and Aaron to help them bring credit card processing online. It became apparent that expanding the partnership to bring credit card processing in-house was in everyone's best interest, and would greatly improve the product offering.

Through months of meticulous development and real-world testing, Gingr was born!  And we must say she's quite the elegant and well-mannered pup. We believe she's exactly the kind of working dog any savvy pet care entrepreneur would want on their team.

Lee Salminen

The "Tech" guy

Lee is a software engineer and entrepreneur whose career has included internet marketing, web design, and developing life-saving tools and processes for the world's largest disaster response organizations. Lee resides in beautiful Boulder, CO.  In his free time, he is enjoying the outdoors with his 2 dogs - Finnlee and Ginger.

Aaron Nichols

the "experience" guy

Alongside a 16-year career in pet services (DDC, boarding, pet-sitting...), Aaron previously founded Ready-Me, a purveyor of high-end emergency preparedness equipment. Aaron brings his passions for product development and pet care to Gingr.  Living in Boulder, CO, in his free time, he enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like stretching, reading, and playing with dogs.

Mark Tracy


Mark's career is multi-faceted; director with a Fortune 50 corporation, co-founder of a healthcare technology start up, and owner of his own retail business.  In his retail business Mark experienced frustration with the merchant service industry that led him to search for a better approach to accepting credit cards. Since 2008 Mark has worked to help business owners navigate and save within this often-confusing industry.

He lives in Boulder with his wife, daughter, and two mischievous cats.

Ginger Salminen


Ginger is Lee's 1 year-old Red Heeler. Without her (and her rambunctious personality), none of this would have ever happened.

Geeky stats, as of Oct. 15, 2016

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